A Walk in the Shadows

Quinn's After Action Report - Hendon

Operation: Tempest


FROM: Oliver Quinn

DATE: January 11, 2017

SUBJECT: Continued Surveillance of EDOM/Dracula


TEAM: IMF Alpha Team.


After the ambush at the cold storage facility, we were determined to get to the root cause behind Edom’s ability to stay one step ahead of us. First, we wanted to ensure that Dracula and his minions were not active as a part of this, so we planned to deploy the magnetotelluric sounder that we stole from Arizona University to check locations around the city. Our first locations was naturally the Government Communications Headquarters of MI5/MI6.

The Doughnut:

We were able to find a local bakery that was within the effective working range of the magnetotelluric sounder equipment, so we prepped a generic delivery van for clandestine work via a removable floor plate to allow us to deploy the sounder while parked outside the location in question.

Claire’s Cakes:

Once deployed, it took approximately one hour to determine that either there was no discernable vampire presence in the Doughnut or we were woefully unable to utilize the equipment to track the magnetotelluric disturbances created by vampire presence. Hung-Ke Lee assured me that the latter was not the case and that the location was uncompromised by Dracula.

At this point, I recommended that we retire to our safehouse to see what Edom’s next move would be. On day 5 of our self-imposed retreat, Lee got a hit on his Edom SIGINT surveillance. There was something going down at the church of St. Mary’s in Hendon, and it appeared to be Edom moving against Dracula. We suspected another trap, however, and decided to focus our efforts on the Holmwood estates in the Ring instead. We arranged for a day-long surveillance of the area, and found little activity in and out of the facility, but an array of security measures clearly designed for something other than human presence. The amount of electronic security was clearly inadequate even for a large civilian estate, but the addition of hawk mews (who are known bat predators in England) as well as a large number of beehives (which we suspect are affected by the magnetotelluric energies of vampires) make this an obvious location for an Edom facility. There were also at least a dozen large guard dogs freely roaming the grounds, as well as a manned guard station at the front entrance.

Holmwood Estates:

I decided that direct action was warranted, and drove us up to the main gate, intending to bluff our way inside. However, an armed spec ops soldier approached us from the guard house and my attempt to incapacitate him with a tranquilizer dart was foiled by his obvious military-grade armor. Felix and I then exchanged gunfire with him, and although wounded, he was able to alert the main building to our presence, and as I was myself incapacitated by a wound from his assault rifle, Felix had to drive us quickly to safety so he could tend to my wound.

After this initial setback, we retreated to a safe location to look for more intelligence. As far as Lee could tell, there was no sign of underground tunnels in the nearby area allowing for clandestine access to the location, and I asked him to focus on creating an ultrasonice dog repeller to assist us when we infiltrated the Edom stronghold, however, this proved to be a dead end.

After that setback, we instead focused our attention back to the St. Mary’s church in Hendon. Dr. DuBois suggested we check for fault lines in the area, and indeed found that a local fault line, the Hendon fault, did exist. Apparently, these lines are susceptible to vampiric activity, at least as related by Stoker in the Dracula Dossier. It was good intel to have in hand.

When we arrived, we once again deployed our magnetotelluric sounder, and in Lee’s vernacular, “It went nuts!” Clearly, we were on to some kind of strange activity.

St. Mary’s Church, Hendon:


The intel we had received from Edom indicated that they were planning to “take care of Him.” We assumed they meant Dracula himself, and our intense readings seemed to indicate that there was indeed intensely strong magentotelluric interference in this area.

We entered the church and were introduced to the local priest, a Vicor Clement, who gave us a tour of the church area and grounds, and who revealed that the cemetery in back was infamous for it allegedly being the burial site of Lucy Westenra from the Dracula novel.

Given that we are now convinced that Dracula was indeed real and that the novel was an attempt to cover up a covert op by Edom, we lent more credence to this story and decided to investigate the cemetary. Sure enough, we did find an older crypt that bore the name “L. Westenra” upon it.

We set to opening the crypt, and were surprised to find not an emaciated skeleton, but a beautiful woman.


I convinced my teammates to wait until the fall of night to question her, but when she awoke under the threat of our brandished weapons, she did something to my head, apparently causing me to attack DuBois. He responded in kind, but not before curiously trying to convince the woman that he was in league with Dracula himself and that they both working for “the Master.”


Meanwhile, as my companions struggled to get me back in the game, the vampiress simply disappeared and could be heard outside laughing.

Somewhere in the cemetery.

In the dark.


freebfrost freebfrost

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