A Walk in the Shadows

Quinn's After Action Report

Operation 1 - "A Fire in the Sky"


United Nations Anti-Terrorist Division
Washington, D.C.


FROM: Oliver Quinn

DATE: August 3, 2016

SUBJECT: Dubai 777 incident


TEAM: Delta Green

DEPLOYED LOCATION: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On August 3, 2016, our team was dispatched from Trivandrum International Airport – Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala, India on UAE Emirates flight EK521 headed to Dubai International Airport. On that flight was suspected hacker and Russian money mule Kristina Svechinskaya, suspected of the theft of Non-Official Cover (NOC) lists from MI6, the CIA, the NIS, and Mossad.

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER:

SIGINT suggested that a meet was scheduled at a private airport near Dubai, and that Ms. Svechinskaya would be attended to sell the NOC lists to the highest bidder. Ms. Svechinskaya was seated in seat 2B. Seated next to her was a Russian man with a prodigious build – an athlete or military perhaps – who seemed to be fixated on impressing Ms. Svechinskaya with his wit and charm, or lack thereof. He appeared to be not be a travelling companion, nor did he seem suspicious in his behavior at that time. Dr. DuBois attempted a passby to ensure his cooperation, but was unsuccessful in his attempt. It seemed like bad luck but in retrospect it was more likely he was operationally aware of his environment and was actively surveilling the cabin area. Lee proceeded to intrude into the 777’s wifi to run a search on the Russian, and while he was unable to positively identify him, the Emirate flight system was able to confirm he was booked on the flight manifest as “Bucky Barnes,” an obvious pseudonym for the Marvel comics character – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucky. We decided to keep an eye on him as well as our target.

The flight was proceeding normally until appx. 11:55 AM local time, when we noticed four men dressed in traditional Arabic garb and armed with 9mm H&K MP5 submachine gun with scopes and laser sights entered the first class cabin seemingly intent on hijacking the plane, which had just begun its approach sequence for Dubai. The men spoke in Arabic and halting English, gesturing with their safety-free weapons at the passengers for emphasis. While no one on the team is proficient at Arabic, neither did these “Islamic terrorists” seem to be. They were clearly on a timetable as one kept referencing his watch, and even given the bulkiness of their garb, were clearly wearing some kind of concealable ballistic armor. While they carried themselves as professionals, their choice of weaponry led us to believe that these men were in fact, not terrorists, but had an agenda that intended others believe that they were so.

Two of the subjects entered the cockpit cabin area, and two remained on guard. I was able to verify at least one other in the economy cabin. Given the situation and our lack of armaments (other than the handgun carried by Dr. DuBois as part of his cover), we decided to wait until landing before making any move on the men. During this period we noticed a number of concealed tattoos on the subjects which seemed to indicate their origin as Russian Mafiya, likely of the Solntsevskaya Bratva. Dr. DuBois was later able to confirm that their weapon choice also corroborated this theory.

Upon landing, the plane was brought to halt while still on the runway. As one of the two subjects left our area, suddenly “Bucky Barnes” surged from his seat and tackled the remaining subject into a supporting wall, knocking him unconscious. He then immediately began to open the nearby cabin door and after succeeding, pulled the emergency chute controls. Dr. DuBois attempted to move forward to intercept, but the Russian quickly returned and pulled Ms. Svechinskaya to her feet and towards the open chute. As Dr DuBois quickened his pace towards them, the other two subjects from the cockpit area emerged and confronted the Russian, at which time he gestured towards Dr. DuBois and exited the airplane with Ms. Svechinskaya in tow. The subjects moved to engage Dr DuBois, who drew his sidearm and terminated one with a headshot. Mr. Lee engaged the remaining subject and was able to distract him sufficiently for me to enter CQC with him. In our struggle we exited the aircraft and descended the emergency slide.

While Lee and I were engaged, Dr. DuBois had already exited the craft in pursuit of Ms. Svechinskaya and her seeming captor. On the tarmac, two police sedans were idling, and the Russian was manhandling Ms. Svechinskaya into the backseat of the first. We were able to take down the subject I had tackled, but not before a series of explosions sounded throughout the 777 and flames erupted from the wings and fuselage. Given the sounds of the detonations, I can only assume that the subjects who set up the charges were amateurs as the entire plane should have been destroyed if they had been deployed correctly. As it was, the plane was afire, but was intact and the passengers were making their way off via the emergency exits.

News report on 777 fire:

Dr. DuBois was able to puncture a tyre, but the vehicle was still drivable and could be seen heading towards the main terminal. The team was able to eliminate the driver of the remaining police vehicle (said subject was not dressed as an officer of the UAE) and began to pursue the first vehicle, which was now out of sight.

Upon reaching the terminal, it was determined that the subjects had switched cars and were now fleeing in a Dubai Police Interceptor heading west on the D89 highway.

File photo Dubai Police interceptor:

We gave pursuit, and while Mr. Lee was able to utilize Dubai’s traffic camera system to assist us, we were unable to catch up to the subjects until they exited the highway near the Port Saeed Plaza, at which point Dr. DuBois was able to shoot out another tyre, causing the vehicle to lose control and crash into a number of pedestrian vehicles before coming to a stop inside a Gloria Jean’s Coffee shop:

Gloria Jean’s Coffee shop, Dubai:

We immediately exited our vehicle and engaged the subjects. The driver appeared to be another Russian, and as he was armed, was our initial target. When that target was down, we turned our attention to “Bucky,” who had emerged from the crashed vehicle with Ms. Svechinskaya and what appeared to be a wireless explosives detonator in hand. The device was not dead-man equipped, so I attempted to disarm him but was unsuccessful. Dr. DuBois then engaged and I was able to close ground and take out the subject with HK fire. Ms. Svechinskaya attempted to flee at this point, and Dr. DuBois went to intercept her.

At this point, a number of strange events transpired. I am at a loss of words to explain how these events came to be, but my teammates were also witness to these events I describe next.

As we were attempting to exit the coffee shop, “Bucky Barnes” stood up and ran full speed at Mr. Lee, slamming him head-first into the wrecked car and throwing him approximately 4 meters into a nearby wall. He then turned to engage me as I took cover behind our vehicle. He then ran up and kicked the car, knocking it off of the ground and into me sending me sprawling and moving the stationary vehicle skidding along the pavement into other cars. Both Lee and I received extensive injuries, including bruised ribs and numerous contusions, but were still active.

Damage from kick:

“Bucky” then proceeded to flee the scene, moving at an amazingly fast sprint down the now-crowded street. Due to the increased presence of civilians and the impending appearance of law enforcement and the absence of the explosive detonator, we chose to abandon pursuit and hastily surveyed the subject’s vehicle. Three suitcases were recovered, one of which was the aforementioned explosive device, which we disarmed. The others contained clothing and cash ($500,000 American), respectively. We then exited the scene taking Ms. Svechinskaya with us to a nearby safehouse.

After interrogation, we were able to retrieve and verify the NOC lists on her laptop and destroyed them per instructions. We also discovered initial contacts were made to her by someone named as “Jacob,” who had requested her services for the heists and had apparently set up the Dubai meet. Dr. DuBois was also able to recover a blood sample from her clothing of what we suspect was “Bucky Barnes” blood. We contacted headquarters for a status update and were given instructions to have the blood recovered from “Bucky Barnes” tested.



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