Tactical Fact-Finding

Melding thriller combat with problem solving espionage, fights feature opportunities to apply Investigative skills to the battle space. These opportunities can occur during interstitial investigative sequences, or during the fight scenes themselves. In keeping with the acronym-heavy spirit of a spy thriller, these opportunities are called TFFBs, for Tactical Fact Finding Benefits.

Each TFFB has the following four elements:

  • the Investigative ability used to gain the advantage
  • the action required to find the information
  • the tactical circumstance under which the benefit comes into play
  • the nature of the benefit

    Although the most obvious ability to yield a TFFB is Military Science, the other Investigative abilities can also yield plenty of useful information.

Interpersonal abilities can elicit (or wring) valuable tactical data from allies, witnesses, shady middlemen, prisoners, and enemy operatives.

Human Terrain can predict where the enemy will make a stand, or indicate likely key personnel.

Forensic Pathology and Criminology can determine an unknown monster’s attack pattern.

Traffic Analysis can estimate the reaction time of any offsite reinforcements, or even the size of the current garrison.

Cryptography cracks the tactical information in encoded enemy communications.

Urban Survival could determine dead ends or escape routes to herd targets toward or away from.

Electronic Surveillance, after an Infiltration exercise, might secure a floor plan of the site to be raided — as might Bureaucracy.

Tactical Fact-Finding

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