The acronym stands for “Military Occupational Specialty,” but every player character has one, regardless of background. (Pronounced “em-oh-ess,” MOS just sounds cooler than “schtick.”)

Select one General ability during character creation to be your MOS; it does not change. It’s only polite (and fits thriller drama better) to let each player have his own MOS, rather thanduplicating abilities on the team; a whole team with Shooting MOSes, for example, is also less flexible in action.

Once per session, you can invoke your MOS to automatically succeed at a given General ability. For example, if your MOS is Shooting, once per session you can automatically hit and kill a human target. If your MOS is Driving, once per session you can automatically escape or intercept another car, and so forth.

You cannot use your MOS to do something sheerly impossible: no matter what MacGyver may have told you, you cannot use a Mechanics MOS to defuse a nuclear weapon with a gum wrapper and a hairpin.

Your MOS does not apply in Piggybacking situations.


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