Investigative Abilities

Having even 1 point in an Investigative ability indicates that you’re expertly trained, practiced, and well-read in that field. You are capable of broad leaps of intuition and brilliant insight; the sorts of deductions that, if you saw them in a movie, you might well dismiss as unrealistically rapid or complete.

A higher rating still — 2 or 3 points — implies that you’re one of the top people working on that subject. You might be famous all over Europe (or at least all over Europe’s shadow underground) as an authority on the topic, and even if not (for reasons of your cover, perhaps) you can impress and interest anyone who is such an authority. Ratings of 2 or 3 indicate your character’s defining abilities. Your concentration in them tells the other players (and you) something about his personality, life experience, and outlook.

Two Investigative abilities — Forgery and Languages — give you more options and specific skills the more points you have in them. They still work like normal Investigative abilities in terms of gathering clues, but you have a game-mechanical reason to buy them higher than 3.

Likewise, if your game uses Familiar Cities (Mark note: We do.), you may want to buy more points of Urban Survival. If your game uses Tag-Team Tactical Benefits (Mark note: We do.), you may want to buy 1 or 2 more points in those relevant Investigative abilities.

Any rating in an Investigative ability indicates a high degree of professional accomplishment or impressive natural talent. If you have an ability relevant to the task at hand, you automatically succeed in discovering any information or overcoming any obstacles necessary to propel you from the current scene further into the story.

Each rating gives you a pool of points to spend in situations related to its base ability. You may ask to spend points to gain special benefits. Sometimes the Director will offer you the chance to spend points. In other circumstances he may accept your suggestions of ways to gain special benefits.

Use them wisely; spent Investigative points do not return until the next operation begins.

Investigative Abilities

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