General Abilities

Where any points at all in any Investigative ability implies impressive competence, spreads in General abilities cover a wider range of capability levels.

A rating of 0 indicates basic civilian competence, if that: you can drive a car and maybe even parallel park it with Driving 0, but you’re hopelessly out of your depth in a car chase.

A rating of 1-3 indicates that the ability is a sideline; you were trained in it at the Farm or the Institute, but you don’t really rely on it in a pinch.

A rating of 4-7 is solid but not off the charts; you’re impressive enough to a civilian, and could probably beat many professionals, but you know you aren’t the top of the food chain.

A rating of 8 or more gets into the realm of “dedicated badass.” Not only do special abilities open up when you reach a rating of 8 or more in a General ability, just doing the “normal” stuff makes you look really good and scary to observers. In the movie, that’s when you get the horns coming up on the soundtrack, or the really great blue filter comes down, or the whole thing goes into bullet time. If your agent lasts for a few sessions, and is really dedicated to being a badass, his ratings in key abilities will head into the double digits. This is good.

General Abilities

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