A Walk in the Shadows

Quinn's After Action Report - London

Operation: Albion


FROM: Oliver Quinn

DATE: December 21, 2016

SUBJECT: Edom connections


TEAM: IMF Alpha Team


After meeting with our handler Jason Shaw, we had proceeded to a safe house for the IMF organization. Not the International Fund, but an intelligence agency dating back to the 19th century. Jason explained that their mandate was to eliminate the threat of vampirism from the world, and that they had evolved along similar lines to Edom but were opposed to their use of Dracula as an asset, tracing their lineage back to Abraham Van Helsing himself.

Felix was immediately interested in their level of support and asset availability, but Jason painted a sad tale about the organization that had reached it’s heyday in the 1960’s when they apparently used the cover of the television series “Mission Impossible” as a plausible cover story for their activities. They had a number of connections in the entertainment industry at the time, so this seemed to them to be a spread disinformation about their existence and goals. Unfortunately, it seems that this black agency ran afoul of the excesses of the 1980’s, and was almost completely mothballed in the 90’s, losing their funding and most of their assets. Jason had just come aboard at the time, and elected to stay on and “keep the lights on” as they say.

He further explained what he knew about the vampire threat and Dracula, which was sketchy at best. The only solid piece of evidence they had was an old portrait of Dracula, which confirmed our earlier suspicions on his identity. We had met him previously in our training mission at Sprechenhaltestelle in 2014. At the time he was playing the role of one of the missing energy technicians Alexei Petrov. Jason stopped us at this point, however, and went on to explain that he had specifically assigned that agent the role and had based his identity mask on the portrait of Dracula, being that no other means existed that could capture his visage. Apparently, the identity mask technology in the Mission Impossible series actually existed and worked? It was a double down on his part to associate his face with our training and simultaneously assess if we had previous dealings with Dracula and were attempting to infiltrate the IMF. It seemed a bit of a stretch to me, but Shaw had always had a bit of a theatrical streak.

Shaw concluded his soliloquy by explaining that we were now the latest recruits for the IMF. In fact, along with Shaw, we were the entirety of the IMF. Shaw stated he had financial resources and some business contacts, but that our personal assets, network, and contacts were all that we had on the intelligence side of things. Not the best footing on which to base operations, but not the worst I’ve experienced either.

We were at a standstill as how to proceed, and after much discussion decided to focus on the Edom assets within MI6. Lee used his backdoor access into MI6 and was able to trace a recent phone call to one of the Dukes of Edom we had previously identified from the records on the H.M.S. Prosperine, one Hound by name. The loss of their secure satellite network from the rig had made their activities that much easier to follow, so a win for us.

A meet was scheduled to go down between Hound and “Him” in two days at the historic London Bridge after midnight in two days. We decided to crash that party, and made plans to be in place to observe and identify the targets involved.

The night of the meet, we were entrenched on either end of the bridge. Felix was in an unmarked panel truck, as were Lee and I who was running his monitoring equipment. Just after midnight, a man and a woman appeared on opposite ends and moved towards the middle. Assuming that the man was in fact, Dracula, we could only surmise that the woman was the one known as Hound. Lee was able to record her side of the meet, but as seems to be the case when dealing with a vampire, he was unable to capture video or audio of the man. The (one-sided) discussion seemed to center around us, and whether or not we were working for Edom?

London Bridge meet:


After the meet ended, we decided to follow Hound and interrogate her. In retrospect, this was a poor choice. We tailed her back over to the north side of the bridge and joined back up with Felix and continued to follow her, but it seems she made us. Halfway down a street, a large black BWM came flying out of an alley and t-boned us. We could make out the driver through the shattered glass, as he pulled a pistol and began shooting at us. He was a decent driver, I’ll give him that. I quickly moved to counter him, sideswiping his car as he reversed down the alley and Felix returned fire. Lee apparently was pinned under a bunch of wires and tools in the back of the truck and was no help at all.

Felix shot out the driver’s tires and he crashed into a wall as he continued back down the alley, and I slammed our van into the car side as he flung himself out of the opposite door, still firing at us. I pivoted around the car and clipped him with our bumper, knocking him out. We loaded him up and were preparing to leave when a slew of police cars appeared in the road and alley, obviously headed towards us. Of Hound, there was no sign. She had set us up, well and good.

We were definitely pinned in, so decided to run for it on foot, heading into a nearby office building with the unconscious driver over Lee’s shoulders. Felix dropped a previously prepared tear gas grenade in our wake, and we quickly moved through the borough, avoiding the police presence and the ever-watchful London camera system, making our way back to our safehouse, where we interrogated our captive.

Felix, being the master interrogator that he is, soon got him to talk. He was a Duke of Edom known an Ian, and we soon found out that Edom was hot on our trail, especially after we destroyed their lab sites in Germany and on the oil rig. They were indeed attempting to “build” their own vampire super-soldier, based off of the inert blood of Dracula’s vampiric minions, as they had been unable to convince Dracula to contribute directly to their cause. It seems they were keeping him in the dark as to their intentions also.


It also seems that Edom had turned up the heat on us, as the local news station interrupted their broadcast to show pictures of the three of us, saying we had committed acts of terrorist and were armed and at large in the city of London…

Our plans now turned around tracking Dracula and his minions, and Felix discussed building a device to track the Earth’s telluric currents and possibly identify or follow the vampires by their interactions with them, but we didn’t have the engineering knowledge to know where to start.

Then Lee found this gem on the internet: North Korean Volcano Provides Rare Chance For Scientific Collaboration

It looked like we were headed to the States.


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