A Walk in the Shadows

Lee's After Action Report - USA

Operation: Desert Rose

Hey bae!

Thank you for supporting me today. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be lost.

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As the Monkees [ed. Beatles] said, back in the US of A [ed. USSR].

We arranged for transport out of London, via Canada, and made our way via car down into the US, headed towards Tempe, Arizona and a meeting with Kayla Incovino to acquire her magnetotelluric sounder.

We were almost to Phoenix when we noticed we were being tailed. A black sedan, dark sunglasses, suits. Where do they get these guys from, a Jason Bourne movie?

Quinn attempted a few of his patented car tricks, but these guys were good and were soon back on our tail. Luckily, they had a newer car, and I was able to try that Wired hack and get into their remote onboard computer system. The security was crap as was the interface, but I was quickly able to get control of their brakes and steering, and a few seconds later, the pursuit was over.

There was a bit of collateral damage.

Collateral damage in Arizona, USA:

We arrived in Phoenix shortly thereafter and, after changing cars, headed to Arizona University and a meet with Kayla Iacovino.

Kayla Iacovino:

Quinn spun a tale about military cable laying or deep water pipes or something similar, and she bought it! The old man still has a few cards up his sleeve after all. And then we decided to break into the Geology Department that evening to steal the equipment? I think DuBois was as confused as I on that point.

The late night infiltration was a success and we found ourselves with a cherry magnetotelluric sounder. Much more portable than the cell tower tracker I had jury-rigged in London.

Magnetotelluric sounder:

We made quick return arrangements and were soon boots down in England once again. We wanted to implement a plan where both Dracula would be convinced that we were in league with Edom, even in the light of other evidence, and that we were working together to put and end to him.

SIGINT suggested that our ruse was working, as we caught wind of a planned Edom-led op moving to investigate another cold storage warehouse in nearby Hampstead.

Cold storage warehouse:

We decided to crash that party and found ourselves surveilling the MI5 crew that they had roped into raiding the warehouse. We tapped into the monitoring equipment in the support vans, and were not surprised when the signals indicated a firefight and then radio silence. Vampires are tough in our experience. The monitoring crew foolishly abandoned their posts and went after their team, and silence fell again. We didn’t expect them to last much longer, but gave them a few minutes head start before we headed in ourselves.

Another similar warehouse and sure enough, a sub-basement with storage lockers. Blood was everywhere.

It had clearly been a trap.

Unfortunately, it was a trap for us.

Four squads fell out in ambush and pinned us down with automatic fire and grenades. The fight was furious, but we were armed to the teeth also. Although more suited for. fighting vampires, our weapons were also devastating to humans. DuBois got pinned down in a storage locker and was briefly out of action, but Quinn and I were able to take down 3 of the 4 teams, and the last hastily retreated after the explosive battle.

We were battered and bruised, but had taken no casualties.

Now we had to find out how they had turned the tables on us.



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