A Walk in the Shadows

Lee's After Action Report - London

Operation: Dark Waters


Here’s that crop report you wanted. I encrypted it in case Mr. Beeks tries to get a hold of it again.

- Billy Ray

Orange Juice Crop report:


After the events in Berlin, we decided to focus our attention on the MI6/Edom connection, if there was one. We flew into London and arranged for a meet with our handler, Jason Shaw, although we apparently were no longer a part of the UNAD or IMF or whatever group anymore. He had gained access to the MI6 firewall information, and would be passing that along to us for a ghost infiltration of their network.

In the meantime, I went ahead and hacked into their administrative system and discovered some strange anomalies. There was a surprising amount of information in their financials that definitely indicated that there was a group within MI6 that was operating at an even higher level of black than their regular ops. I couldn’t yet verify that this was the “Edom” group that we were hunting, but it seemed like a good place to start. I found records of a number of deliveries assigned to a location that didn’t seem to be on the books – an HMS Prosperine.

Here’s what Felix had to say about that.

Named for the queen of the underworld and consort of Pluto in Roman mythology, no such ship exists on the Royal Navy’s official rolls. The last HMS Proserpine was a Pelorus-class cruiser laid down in 1896. Built for independent patrols, the Proserpine served on the Caribbean station. Upon the cruiser’s return to home waters, it collided with a Dutch mail ship off Sheerness in 1901, and remained in the Chatham Dockyard until it was scrapped in 1919. The Admiralty transferred the name to a stone frigate: Lyness Naval Base in Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. (The Royal Navy commissions its shore bases, or “stone frigates,” with ship names so that naval personnel remain subject to shipboard discipline while on base.) Lyness Naval Base was closed in 1957, and that ended the HMS Proserpine’s service. Officially.

We thought it unusual that there would be any expenditures for this, let alone pay checks still being drawn by a number of agents who were deceased – killed in action in Afghanistan and other locations. Not sure why dead guys would need to keep getting paid, so that seemed suspicious.

Looked into the shipping records, and all of this was taking place somewhere off the coast of Scotland. Did find records of an old oil rig that was mothballed in the area, so that seemed likely, but Oliver wanted to check out the old Lyness Naval Base anyways. Drove out to it and it was a total waste of time. Oil rig for sure.

By the time we got back to London we had a meet setup with Shaw for the next morning, so we headed there in the morning:

St. Paul’s Cathedral:


There was a dead drop in the south transcept near the crypt entrance, and we successfully recovered a flash drive, but spotted an asset actively surveilling us. We attempted to lose the tail, but he was apparently one of the super soldier types like our old friend Nikolai Limrovich, as he was suddenly in front of us. Somehow. And he hypnotized us. I realize how this sounds, but one second he was a 100 meters behind us, and then he’s in front of us and there was this electric sensation like thousands of bugs crawling on our skin and everything spun and we went down and were out and found ourselves in a metal room. We couldn’t tell where we were or how long we were out, but most of our items had been confiscated and outside of some water and snacks, we were in a featureless room like that old D&D module.

We discovered that there was another prisoner in the cell next to us – apparently an Al-Qaida terrorist named Akmed. He had been abducted in the field and had no idea where we were or what was happening.

Luckily, Oliver had a pencil of thermite stuck in his boot (WTF man?), and we were able to open the door in our room. We discovered that we were being held on an oil rig. Not sure if it was the same one we had suspected earlier, but what were the chances?

It was night and we had the advantage so started to reconnoiter the rig. Found our suppies and free Akmed. The enemy of our enemy and all that. He had been tortured for an indeterminate time and was apparently targeted for being AQ.

Ran into some resistance, but we had surprise on our side and were able to take out a number of guards without raising an alarm.

We found a number of disturbing elements as passed through the rig. First was an odd room furnished like a set from That 70’s Show and containing a coffin, like a bad Hammer film. It was legit with dirt inside. Even weirder was the fact that the entire room was rigged to drop into the ocean below. Yes, a submersible room. WTF?

Cue weird laboratory on the oil rig also. Found some samples of what appeared to be the blue stuff that the Winter Soldier was shooting up in his veins, so Felix took those with him. Interrogation rooms, check. Weird sick bay for apparently converting people into “vampires,” check. Two sets of explosives wired to bring down the whole complex like a Bond film, check.

Seriously, what was up with this place? Who would set this up to torture and experiment on people and then have a backup to kill everyone (crew included)?

We found the computer room and I was able to use the flashdrive to get into the files. (Thanks Shaw!). Found a list of Edom “Dukes” in a number of secure communications as follows:

  • Elvis
  • Fort
  • Hound
  • Ian
  • Nails
  • Oakes
  • Osprey
  • Pearl
  • Prince
  • Tinman
  • Tyler

They apparently reported to someone called “D” who had offices in the Ring and at Vauxhall Cross as he or she was the Director of the Section for Research Operations at MI6. Lee FTW!

Oliver scuttled the rig as we left.

HMS Prosperine (Persephone?):




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