A Walk in the Shadows

Hound's After Action Report - London

GCHQ (“The Donut”):

[Secure call transcription]

DATE: December 26, 2016
FROM: Hound

After the fiasco that Ian created when I attempted to acquire the IMF team, I returned to our Whitehall safehouse. The IMF effectively avoided the clumsy intentions of the local constabulary, as well as our active countermeasures. It’s clear that Hung-Ke Lee is as good as his reputation allows. We surveilled the usual locations and safehouses, but there was no sign of the team. I have no doubt that Dr. Felix duBois was able to break Ian. He never was as tough as he pretended to be. In all likelihood, our London operations are completely compromised, and I have already started the steps necessary to wrap up all current operations and go deep for the duration.

I made all the calls necessary to turn up the heat on the IMF team, which would hopefully hamper their ability to leave the city unnoticed. They would have to have some kind of movie magic face-cloning technology to be able to pull that off, so I’m confident we’ll have them in custody before the month is out.

[D response redacted]

We did get a hit on the Cross Angel Cold Storage site. Someone had broken into the cold storage warehouse, and from the police chatter, had messily killed someone via decapitation in a secret storage room underground that was filled with human corpses. Dracula’s work.

I can’t stress enough that we still do not have any assurances on his part in all of this, and now we discover he has a giant larder in the city? How did we not fucking know this, pardon my language sir?

[D response redacted]

Christmas eve was marked by what the weatherman called a “storm to end all storms.” A giant thunderstorm “the likes of which hasn’t been experienced in London in decades.” Another gift from the Count it seems. And curiously it coincided with another brutal murder and headless corpse in the old Albemarle Hotel tenement. It goes without saying that we both know the significance of that location. I suspect that the IMF is making inroads against the Count at this point as well as against us.

Perhaps we can use this to increase our level of trust with Dracula?

[D response redacted]

And now we get reports from the police that the warehouse guards were attacked by Winston Churchill? Seriously? Do they fucking have that movie shit sir? How the fuck can we do our job if they can make up false faces whenever they fucking please?

[D response redacted]

Yes, sir. I’ll get some agents on it immediately. There’s only so many places they could have as a destination around that time. I’ll report again once I have boots on the ground, sir.

[D response redacted]

Goodnight to you sir.


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