A Walk in the Shadows

Quinn's After Action Report

Operation: Falcon


FROM: Oliver Quinn

DATE: October 17, 2016

SUBJECT: BASF Chemical Plant Fire


TEAM: IMF Alpha Team?

DEPLOYED LOCATION: Ludwigshafen, Germany

After deploying our honeypot in the Lilos Internet cafe, we tailed the unwitting courier back to the main BASF headquarters. Lee’s hardware trace worked fine, but the signal was lost once the courier entered the main building. We set up a quick recon and determined that the level of security for the chemical complex was substantially higher than would be needed for a standard commercial operation. The guards were highly trained, likely military backgrounds, and were disciplined and thorough. Additional security was provided via electronic measures. All in all, it was military-grade security.


We returned to our rooms at the Rene Bohn, and made plans to reacquire the laptop. We would need some time in the main building to locate the laptop, and given the tight guard presence, would need a diversion. I made some arrangements with a few locals and soon found myself in possession of some aluminium, magnesium, and iron oxide and set about to make some small thermite pencils.

Thermite Test:

Our working plan was to plant the thermite in a small device via a remote-controlled drone in a non-critical area of the plant. The resulting fire should be of sufficient size to occupy the security forces for a expanded window of time, allowing us to infiltrate and extract the hardware.

We had acquired some false credentials, and would be entering the main HQ under the guise of local firefighting coordinators, thus ensuring access to the main security center in the HQ. Once the local firefighting equipment started to arrive, we would approach and enter the complex, hopefully having sufficient time to find the laptop.

That evening we enacted this strategy, and all initially proceeded as planned. We were able to bluff our way into the main HQ building after the fire started, and quickly found our way into the R&D development area of the building, following intermittent pings that Lee was able to isolate and triangulate.

Eventually, we discovered that the laptop was in an executive wing in the R&D area, specifically in the office of a VP. We entered and discovered a laptop in the inner office, however it proved to be the personal PC of the VP and not our honeypot machine. Lee thought it could provide us with additional intelligence, and quickly made small work of it’s security and installed some custom software of his own. In the meantime, we discovered our laptop powered on and transmitting from a closed drawer in a bookcase. That set off our internal alarms, and we moved to exfiltrate.

At this point, DuBois entered the room, having been on guard in the outer office. A brace of guards were making their way down the outside corridor to our room. It was obviously a trap. Moving quickly, we disabled the guards, but we could see more on the way. We headed away towards a nearby exit, a dozen or more guards hot on our heels. Unfortunately, as we entered the stairwell, we ran into two more guards. These were dressed in bespoke suits, and were clearly not the typical security forces. This point was hammered home when we put a number of clean shots into one and he barely noticed. Shades of Bucky Barnes – more terminator-types. One of them caught me in a clinch lock, and we struggled while Lee and DuBois tried to free me. We were able to down one of the men, but by that time the guards behind us were there as were additional reinforcements from the stairwell. We had no option but to surrender.

We were led to a holding area. Strange for a R&D department in a chemical manufacturer to say the least. As we waited, we heard a series of loud booms. Explosions from the plant outside? Maybe the thermite reaction was a bit too potent?

Eventually, we were greeted by a man with a heavy US accent. Texas, I believe? He introduced himself as Martin Creasey, the man whose office we had recently searched.

What happened next was the strangest interrogation I have ever "it, on either side of the table. He invited us into his office and offered us drinks, and proceeded to ask about the “item” we had. It turned out he was looking for a book that he assumed we had, although he did not specify which book or what it allegedly contained. He seemed almost desperate to get his hands on it, but wasn’t intimidated by us, although we were alone with him in his inner office.

We were still in discussion when he received a call and left the room. A few minutes later, we spotted a Airbus H160 helicopter maneuvering for a landing at the nearby helipad, while clouds of thick black smoke poured into the air from the plant nearby. Once it touched down, a number of heavies emerged as did a well-dressed figure from our past. It looked like Alexei Petrov, the “target” from our initial team run in the training facility at Sprechenhaltestelle. What was he doing here?

We could see Martin Creasey moving towards Alexei, bowing to him and pointing in our direction. I suddenly had a very bad feeling about this. Luckily when we were taken earlier, the guards did not do a thorough job of patting us down, and I still had a thermite pencil left. It proved enough to melt through the glass window, allowing us access to the outside. We high-tailed it over the grounds to the copter, overpowered the pilot, and I flew us out of the facility.

There was indeed some collateral damage from my device, as noted below.

Collateral damage:

At least two dead in explosion at German BASF chemical plant

We were able to safely ditch the copter in the woods nearby Ludwigshafen, and made our way covertly back to our rooms for a debriefing of our operation.


freebfrost freebfrost

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