A Walk in the Shadows

An Interlude...

After the shocking events in Ludwigshafen, Germany at the BASF plant, the team regrouped in their hotel rooms. There was much to discuss, but more importantly, Lee’s hack of the BASF VP, Martin Creasey, was still open and active. Lee immediately began to sift through the data, also noting that he still had control over the hardware itself, which included the built-in cameras and microphones.

The team crowded around Lee’s monitor as he toggled on the equipment. There were a number of BASF security moving in and out of the office, but then something peculiar happened. Creasey walked into the room, clearly having a conversation with someone else who was not in the room. Assuming it was a phone or secure transmission device, the team listened in on the conversation which seemed to revolve around their capture, escape, and subsequently how much they knew about “events.” Disturbingly, Martin was gesturing and reacting as if the person he were talking to was actually in the room himself. Like he was almost standing right next to him.

At the same time, DuBois was looking once again at the original Dracula dossier that had been delivered to him from his bartender friend. There was no way to trace from whence the package came, but it was decidedly an original copy of the manuscript, and whereas the electronic copies were missing many of the notations made in the work, here they were clearly evident, as was a largish stain that seemed to correspond with the notations that did not appear in the scanned copies. Lee confirmed that this appeared to exactly match what had been received in emails previously, but that the notations simply did not appear to have scanned. At all.

Even more disturbing, when viewed in a mirror, the notations simply did not appear on the screen either. There was a vague smear in the same area as the notation in the book, but it in no way resembled the actual writing.

Meanwhile, in Dubai the following was posted on Craigslist under Missed Connections:


The hit on “Sprechenhaltestelle” set off an old trigger in Lee’s network of connections. This was the method of dead drops that Jason Shaw instituted he ran the team on their first missions back in 2014-15. Quinn sent off a quick response: "Well you know the old man’s favorite saying. “When you are a hammer, all problems start to look like nails.” and soon a rendezvous was set up with Shaw in the Volkspark am Weinberg in Berlin, Germany the next day.

The meet went off without a hitch. No tails. No signs of surveillance.

Jason had questions for the team, as did they for him. He seemed skeptical of the idea that MI6 would kill to stop a copy of Dracula from being found, as the very idea of vampires was ridiculous fiction. He did acknowledge that the whole “Winter Soldier” scenario was clearly not normal, but the team was reticent to reveal too much information to Shaw. For his part, he revealed his belief that UNAD had been infiltrated at the highest levels, and he did confirm that he had rumors for years of a secret section within MI6 that was called Edom, but had no actionable intel on that one way or the other.

After the meet, the team was at a crossroads. There were still avenues to follow in Germany with the BASF connection, as well as other ties to the petroleum industry in Malaysia. Alternatively there was the MI6 connection and the chance to find out why they wanted the team dead.

In the end, it was London calling…


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